Redefine how to lead and feel more empowered in our career

At the beginning of November, the headquarter of my company hosts a women’s leadership training program. We have colleagues from Tokyo, Hong Kong and Taiwan, spending one and a half day together, to redefine how to lead and feel more empowered in our career. …

Marketing includes many concepts such as segmentation, targeting, positioning, needs, wants, demands, offerings, brands, value and satisfaction, exchange, transactions, relationships and networks, marketing channels, supply chain, competition, the marketing environment, and marketing programs (Philip Kotler). However, startups usually have a small budget, a tiny team, an unknown brand, and not…

This article includes official release information, news, pricing information, interactive whiteboard market trend, and related patents.

Official release information

Jamboard — the whiteboard, reimagined for collaboration in the cloud

Jamboard raises the bar on collaborative creativity, bringing the same real-time collaboration found in G Suite, combined with the best of the web, to…

Design Thinking


  1. Discuss two views of human-centered design:
  • the British Design Council’s double-diamond model
  • the traditional HCD iteration

2. The role of standards

3. General design guidelines

Activity-Centered v.s Human-Centered Design

  1. When design a product which is intended for people all across the world:
  • Activity-centered design: Focus on activities, not the individual person.

2. An activity…

Human Error? No. Bad Design.

Two Types of Errors: Slips and Mistakes

  1. Slips:
    • action-based
    • memory lapses
  2. Mistakes
    • rule-based
    • knowledge-based
    • memory lapses

The Swiss Cheese Model of How Errors Lead to Accidents

The Swiss cheese metaphor suggests several ways to reduce accidents:

•Add more slices of cheese.
• Reduce the number of holes (or make the existing holes smaller).
• Alert the human operators when several holes have lined up.

Design Lessons from the Study of Errors

  • Adding constraints to block errors
  • Undo
  • Confirmation and error messages

Adaptive Store — Errol Denger & Martin Buergi

Personal shopper concierge can:

  1. Guide customers to the perfect fit and outfit for them, which can be used: (1) in-store scenario (2) in shoppers’ home

2. Bridge digital and physical world to create personalized recommendations

3. Expose these insights directly to a store associate

Ad Wearout — Moumita Sinha

Balance how much to…

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